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Sara Hörberg
Sara is a native speaker from Uppsala, Sweden. She has a master's degree in teaching Swedish as a Second Language and a bachelor's degree in Pedagogy. She is also a certified SWEDEX examiner. Sara started teaching Swedish as Second Language in 2001, and has taught various courses at Folkuniversitetet, one of Sweden's leading adult education centers. At Folkuniversitetet she specialized in custom design lesson plans for one-on-one students. In 2009, Sara moved to California, started her business The Swedish Teacher, and began teaching Swedish over Skype. Now we have over 60 wonderful, fun and inquisitive students all over the globe, who keep showing us what the Swedish language is like from the student’s perspective! If you have any comments or questions about the Swedish language, please post in the comments or email Sara at “”. You can also get in touch with us on or Facebook page at "".