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Where's the Music 2017

by Leigh Fitzjames


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Canada Governor General David Johnston visits Sweden

Kanadas ”vicekung” på statsbesök / i flera svenska storstäder

Av Henric Borgström


Ivar Kreuger

Av Henric Borgström, ekonomijournalist



Ice hockey benefits. Photo © Andrii Iurlov

By Birgitta Lauren www.expectingfitness.com


Hockey is a favorite game of the Swedes, but there’s more to this exciting game than the rough contact sport that meets the eye.


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Swedish Press Global Swedes interview with Folke Rydén

Folke Rydén, traveling journalist, freelancing producer and director based in Stockholm

Interviewed by Sofie Kinnefors


Night view of the new Nobel Center © David Chipperfield Architects

Exclusive Interview with Annika Hedås Falk, Head of Educational Programmes at Nobel Centre

By Sofie Kinnefors




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The Swedish Royal Family 2016