• Olof Palme documentary
     Olof Palme documentary
  • The Swedish Royal Family 2016
     The Swedish Royal Family 2016
  • Crown Princess Victoria, Sweden
     Crown Princess Victoria, Sweden
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     Humblebrush, Humblebrush Smile Foundation
  • Lucia Christmas card
     Lucia Christmas card

[ News for November 2016

Freedom of Speech 250 years
Hosted by Embassy of Sweden, Washington
How Free is Freedom of Press Today? 

[ News for October 2016

Agneta Nilsson SWEA


[ News for September 2016

Record Union

Company File: Record Union

The New Accessibility to Music

By Caitlyn Lee

World Cup of Hockey 2016

World Cup of Hockey 2016


The underdog Team Europe and the favourite Team Canada will face off in a best-of-3 championship round starting Tuesday, September 27, at Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario. Here is the schedule:


[ News for August 2016

Swedish Folk Music

The Evolution of Swedish Folk Music

By Lara Andersson



[ News for July 2016

Svenska för Invandrare SFI

In the Road to Community series, Swedish Press uncovers the landscape of refugee integration into Swedish society by exploring governmental policies, non-governmental initiatives, and revealing individual stories.


[ News for May 2016

Anders Lundin, Allt För Sverige

An Adventure of a Lifetime on Realtime TV 

By Birgitta Lauren