New Sweden History Conference: The Delaware River

This year’s New Sweden History Conference will examine the nature of and central role played by the Delaware River and Bay in the lives of all inhabitants of the Delaware Valley in the 17th century – Lenape, Dutch, Swedes, and English. The conference will explore the history of the region from a waterborne perspective, addressing the manifold ways in which early settlements and encounters – everything from trading networks to patterns of thinking – were shaped by the Delaware.
The conference is located at the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation in Wilmington DE, and includes a dock tour of the ship and optional tour of the original landing of the Swedes at Ft. Christina Park. Speakers include keynote Fred Hocker (of the Vasa Museum in Stockholm), Len Tantillo, Andrew Lipman, and Hutch Hutchinson. Registration, breakfast, and lunch costs $45 per person ($35 for students and teachers). Early bird registration by Oct. 14, $40 ($30 for students and teachers). Registration deadline is Friday, Oct. 31

Saturday, November 12, 2016 - 05:30 to 12:00