Julafton, julklappar and other useful Swedish words

En julklapp till dig:


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Jul, Lucia och Advent

December is of course the month of Christmas decoration, crafts, baking and celebration. Not everything is said and done the same way in Sweden as in other countries. On this Swedish language page you will learn the essential words and phrases so that you can get around in Sweden without feeling lost during Christmas holiday season.

Christmas is also the time for peace, love and giving. Therefore the Swedish Press readers are given a video on the website where you can listen to sweet and loving comments to say to one another at this time of year – or at any time of year. Another Christmas gift from Swedish2go to the Swedish Press readers can be found on the bottom of this page. God jul!

Do you know the Swedish Christmas words?

Try and match the Swedish words below with the correct English explanation:

  1. One candle is lit the first of advent, then 2 on the 2nd of advent, and so on, until Christmas
  2. A star, often with a light inside, that hangs in many windows in Sweden at Christmas time.
  3. This day is celebrated the most during Christmas.
  4. Jesus was born on this day, but the day before is celebrated more in Sweden.
  5. A buffet with traditional Christmas foods (ham is the Swede’s turkey) is eaten many times during December, and especially on the 24th.
  6. The gifts we give each other on December 24th are called this.
  7. December 13th has its own traditions and you can see this phenomenon in many places in Sweden.
  8. The 13th day of Christmas is celebrated with a holiday in Sweden.
  9. Boxing Day is a holiday in Sweden.
  10. Santa Claus is usually coming during daytime to visit with the children and give presents to them. What is the Swedish word for Santa?
  11. Dancing around a Christmas tree is a fun tradition and those dances have a special name.
  12. The end of the Christmas period ends with a big party and finally the Christmas tree is thrown out. Translation of the word for this party would be “Christmas tree robbery” and it happens on January 20th and involves singing, dancing and loads of candy for the children.










Ett luciatåg

Annandag jul


Correct answers are posted below.

Kärleksfulla ord (Loving words)

  • Jag älskar dig (I love you)
  • Jag älskar dig med. (I love you too.)
  • Jag tycker om dig. (I like you.)
  • Jag tycker om dig också. (I like you too.) The words ”med” and ”också” can be used as synonyms in this situation.
  • Vad söt du är! (How cute you are!)
  • Tack! (Thank you!)
  • Du är så vacker. (You are so beautiful)
  • Det är du också. (You are too.)
  • Jag saknar dig. (I miss you.)
  • Jag längtar efter dig. (I long for you.)

Watch a video and listen to these loving sentences.


Correct answers to the sentences above: 1= adventsljusstake, 2 = julstjärna, 3 = julafton, 4 = juldagen, 5 = julbord, 6 = julklappar, 7 = ett luciatåg, 8 = trettondagen, 9 = annandag jul, 10 = tomten, 11 = ringdanser, 12 = julgransplundring

God jul och gott nytt år!