How to make future tense

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Hej igen!
Last month we talked about different kinds of verbs in the Swedish language, and how to make 
present and past tense.  Now, when you know how to express the present and the past, I thought 
you might be interested in how to express the future tense.
1. Future with present tense + time expression
You can express future tense in Swedish is by using present tense and a time expression. Here is 
an example:
Katarina flyttar till London nästa vecka.
(Katarina is moving to London next week.)
2. ska + infinitive form of the verb 
It is also common to express future tense with "ska" (will) followed by another verb, this one in 
infinitive form. Like this:
Vad ska du göra på lördag? Jag ska åka till Stockholm på lördag.
(What are you up to on Saturday? I will go to Stockholm on Saturday.)
Fredrik ska söka jobb på IKEA. 
(Fredrik will apply for a job at IKEA.)
When using "ska" someone has decided, promised, instructed or maybe even ordered what will 
happen. There is some sort of thinking and decision making behind the future action. We can 
look at the examples again:
Vad ska du göra på lördag? Jag ska åka till Stockholm på lördag.
Constructing the question and answer with "ska" gives us the undertone of that the person makes 
his/her own decision about the Saturday activities. 
We can see this difference more clearly with another example:
Jag slutar röka nästa år.
(I quit smoking next year.)
Jag ska sluta röka nästa år.
Have fun learning Swedish!