Exhibit opening at the American Swedish Historical Museum

You are invited to the opening of two special exhibitions at the American Swedish Historical Museum in South Philadelphia which offer a cultural lens for exploring themes of home and heritage: "The Sami Reindeer People of Alaska" and "Sami—Walking with Reindeer".

On Saturday, April 14, from 12 pm to 4 pm, we will host a day of cultural learning that includes live reindeer, samples of traditional Sami recipes prepared by Chef Henrik Ringbom, and indoor aurora borealis, and family activities, as well as a lecture and musical yoik performance by representatives from the Sami Cultural Center of North America. All activities are included with general museum admission and pre-registration is not required.

About the exhibitions:

"The Sami Reindeer People of Alaska" focuses on the remarkable 1894 and 1898 journeys undertaken by dozens of indigenous families from northern Scandinavia, the Sami, across 10,000 miles to Alaska. It challenges notions of where people "come from" and how they identify themselves as they settle in new lands. Find out more about "The Sami Reindeer People of Alaska" here: americanswedish.org/exhibitions/sami-reindeer-people-alaska.

In "Sami—Walking with Reindeer", acclaimed National Geographic photographer Erika Larsen provides striking snapshots of the day-to-day lives of modern reindeer-herding families in Norway and Sweden. Her photographs illuminate Sami connections with their past, their environment, and with each other. Find out more about "Sami—Walking with Reindeer" here: americanswedish.org/exhibitions/sami-walking-reindeer.

Saturday, April 14, 2018 - 09:00 to 13:00