Where's the Music

Where's the Music 2017

by Leigh Fitzjames

The small, charming town of Norrköping– just an hour’s train ride from Stockholm – played host to Where’s the Music – a showcase for indie music artists from Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain and the world over. Spread across 10 venues, each with impeccable audio gear and personnel (that’s a lot for a town with a population of 90,000, don’t you think!) the festival attracted both local music goers and music industry professionals. Meet four of the artists!

ÄNGIE (Sweden, Hip Hop)

“Suicidal since 1995” reads her instagram bio – listen when you want someone who tells it and shows it like it is! This queen knows herself better than most people you’'ll ever meet.



Did you always have such a strong idea about your image?

No one’s gonna notice you unless you have a big explosion, so that’s what I did with Smoke Weed and Pussy.

I release my song ‘Spun’ in March. The video’s gonna be green coz I have green hair. Every time I color my hair it means there’s something cool on the way. I’ve had pink, blue and green singles... and then I’ll have an EP released as 4:20. Every album is going to be named after a date.

Do you have any advice for other artists who want to say something taboo or controversial?

Just talk about it! If you stand for something, talk about it open.

Where do you want to play next?

Somewhere there is a sunset – I don’t really care about the stage as long as it’s a good vibe. I would like to do something with Tommy Cash!

BEN HOBBS (Great Britain, Indie Pop)

A too-humble artist who is touring with the same band members he’s had since highschool (he’s great solo, too!). He writes and records his own music. Listen when you want to hear the heart and soul of a singular visionary.



Have you ever aspired to play in Sweden before?

It’s a really great place and I’ve visited before. When the offer came up for this festival I was like yeah I’m definitely gonna do it... and it’s very easy to get to. Just jump on a plane!

What’s in store after the European tour?

I’m working on an album. The first album (after the singles)!

Any words for our international readers?

Just press play!


SLOWGOLD (Sweden, Pop)

This value driven artist performs in Swedish and completely lives up to her name. Listen when you are alone and want to feel really good about yourself.



Your new album came out yesterday

I feel really good about that – we recorded it in May so I’ve been waiting and wondering what people will think and I’m really happy coz the majority really like the album. That means a lot.

What do you think is special about making music in Sweden?

I think there are a lot of paths that no one else has walked. I thought that something was missing so I wanted to explore it myself... I get reactions “we’ve never seen this kind of record by Swedes!”.

Any words to our international readers?

I sing a lot about metaphors about love and getting to know yourself. I hope maybe they will catch some words and maybe look them up. I think my lyrics and the music are very coherent and stick together. To start listening, begin with the new album.


SCHOOL OF X (Denmark, Electronic Pop)

The artist who already has international stage credits playing as drummer for major artist MØ blew the mic out of the water with his mega stage presence. Listen when you want to hear electronica with a heartbeat.



You come from such a big background, playing with MØ,  etc.

When you have my background, it might be easier to break down doors, to go somewhere, but then after that first thing the music has to speak for itself. I think the music will get tested for real. Like in half a year maybe. After the new factor is over.

Any advice you have for other artists wanting to play in Sweden?

I think the most important thing is to keep on writing music... have enough music and enough content all the time.

Any words for our international readers?

I’d love to go out there and perform. Go check out the music on Soundcloud! That be amazing!


Images provided by Leigh Fitzjames