Tiger of Sweden – From Pioneering Tailor to Trendy Fit

Tiger of Sweden

Nominated for the prestigious 2013 ELLE Designer of the Year award, Tiger of Sweden has an oscillating history that goes back more than 100 years.   

The company was founded in Uddevalla on the west coast of Sweden in 1903, when two entrepreneurs founded what was then called Schwartzman & Nordström. Their pioneering idea was to make ready-made suits with “A Different Cut”. Instead of having the customer come to the shop as would a traditional tailor, they began to go to the customers themselves making suits with modern designs in top quality materials. This was exactly what the market needed at the time and the company grew quickly.

The name Tiger of Sweden originates from one of their early suit models that was called simply “tiger”. It became so popular and the brand name Tiger was born, although the official company name remained Schwartzman & Nordström for still some time. Throughout the century the company has risen and fallen and risen again. During the second World War, they designed well-fitted army clothing, proving to be good business. Their factory was one of the most modern in Europe at the time. During the 50s and 60s the Swedish textile industry faced a large crisis and the company was sold to the Swedish government.

It was not until 1983 that the company became privately owned again, and in the early 1990s Tiger of Sweden went through a re-establishment taking “A Different Cut” in a new direction. The new idea was to “take the suit out of the bank and into the street” targeting the younger more trendy city-crowd. The 24/7 suit was created with the concept that all jackets should be able to be worn without a tie and with jeans, for any occasion, day or night. The first women’s collection was developed in 1997 based on a philosophy of classic fabrics and modern slim fits, and last year they launched their own line of accessories.

Today Tiger of Sweden has  three main brands: Men, Women and Jeans collection and the brand is sold and marketed in 20 countries with more than 1,200 resellers across three continents.  

In the upcoming 2013 spring/summer collection, Tiger of Sweden presents “a playful tribute to the flamboyant and never-ending party where everyone is invited to play and create.” The collection includes a neutral color palette with some pale green, oranges and pinks in contrast to the slim, tailored cut.

Freshness, fit, trend are the three words that summarize Tiger according to the ELLE jury. The winners of the prestigious ELLE-award were announced in January 2013. Swedish designer BACK ended up receiving the price.

Martina Söderlund
Born and raised in Sweden, Martina resides in Vancouver Canada where she is working for an international architectural firm as a civil engineer specialized in green building design and energy performance. Martina will contribute with cultural, technical and design related stories for Swedish Press.