Sweden Makes Music and it's Sweet

Artist 'Merely'

  A line-up of stellar Swedish DJ's and a light strobing 'Baby's All Right' nightclub in Brooklyn, New York made for a dance inducing night. Curated by the Grandins Flying Circus of Stockholm and presented by the Consulate General of Sweden in New York Pop the exclusive pop music showcase 'Sweden Makes Music' took place on Tuesday, November, 11, 2014 - it's second year running at this venue.  Roughly 600 enthusiasts attended the event that began with a set by DJ Jenny Seth, followed by Merely and her dreamy electronic pop. The night continued with DJ Up To No Good, Baba Stiltz and his psychedelic beats, the electronic soul of Beldina, DJ Hot Baby Karl, Beatrice Eli whose R&B infused pop was a favourite of the event goers, and ending the evening with a hot disco house set by Art Alfie & Mr. Tophat.

If the success of the evening is any indicator of the future of this event it's safe to say you can probably mark your calendar for the next Sweden Makes Music in November of 2015. According to a recent press release by Postnord who will be honoring Swedish Pop icons Robyn, Avicii, First Aid Kit, Seinabo Sey and producer Max Martin with their own postal stamp early next year, Sweden ranks third in the export of global pop music.

So what accounts for this global musical success that Swedish music artists seem to have a knack for? Could it be that to be understood by a world audience their preference for focusing on melody rather than lyrics or production value make the music that much more appealing? Or maybe it's the abilty to keep ahead of trends and be equally as progressive with their music as they are with technology, fashion, and design. Whatever the reason they've got it figured out, and that's great news for the rest of the world because we can enjoy the sweet sounds of Swedish music from virtually anywhere. See you at next year's Sweden Makes Music.

Photo by Joanne H. Kim