S.O.S! Save this endangered Swedish farmhouse in Burlington, MA

Johnson Family

Frans Simon Johnson came to America from Jönköping in 1903 with $25 in his pocket. But through hard work and determination, he and his wife Olga built their American Dream. Their dream resided in this 1860-era farmhouse in Massachusetts that wasn’t so very different from the red house in Sweden that Simon left behind. His Swedish house is standing and restored; his Burlington home may be torn down within months. With it would go an architecturally significant building details, and ties to the Revolutionary War, Native Americans, Swedish immigrant life, Burlington agricultural traditions and community celebrations that brought many residents to Johnson's Grove.

Swedish America Heritage Online/SweAme seek funding resources for this important Swedish history/American Dream work because the farmhouse could be torn down after a demolition delay order ends in late April. It is our desire to house a Swedish Farmhouse Museum there in a state that was fourth in the nation in numbers of Swedish immigrants in the 1900 census.

To find out more and to donate, visit: http://simonjohnson26.wix.com/farmhouse

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Tatty Maclay
Tatty is a half-Swedish, half-English journalist, translator and mother of four. She grew up in London, but spent summers in the Stockholm archipelago. After five years in her husband’s homeland of Scotland, she recently moved her family to Sweden and she writes about their new life for Swedish Press.