SAS invests in fuel-efficient plane fleet


Sas signed a Memorandum of Understanding with France-based aircraft manufacturer Airbus for a fleet of a dozen new planes at a cost of $3.3 billion.

"I am very happy with today's announcement," Rickard Gustafson, SAS CEO, said in a statement.

"While continuing to deliver on our strategy and plan for a profitable SAS, we are succeeding in making fundamental changes that allow us to invest in our future as Scandinavia's leading airline - for the benefit of our customers, employees and shareholders."

The twelve new planes include eight new A350-900 XWB, four new A330-300 Enhanced and a total upgrade of passenger cabins on the A330/340-fleet. 

Gustafson promised that the additions are "top of the class in the industry", and will significantly lower fuel consumption. 

The A350 is a brand new and advanced aircraft type incorporating the latest materials and system technology available. It offers up to 30 percent lower fuel consumption per passenger seat.

The new planes are expected to be in service starting in 2015 for the A330-300 Enhanced fleet, and by 2018 for the A350.


Source: The Local

Claes Fredriksson
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