Sail in luxury with Swedish super yachts

Dennis Ingemansson's 'Star' Concept yacht

There are concept cars, and concept motorbikes, and in the world of oceanic travel there are also concept yachts. These super yachts are the epitome of luxury on water. Swedish designer Dennis Ingemansson is perhaps one of the world’s top concept designers in the super yacht industry. Ingemansson’s creations take the dreams of seafaring yacht persons and translate them into concepts loaded with comfort and luxury. Take mega yacht ‘Star’, a striking 70 meter yacht designed with influences of post-modernistic art, evident in the glass structure of the windows. There are 2 owner suites along with 4 guest rooms. A garage large enough to hold two 7.5m vehicles or smaller boats as well as jet-skis is located at the front of the boat, and at the back, a 7m pool.

Then there’s his newest design concept ‘Mariya’. At an extraordinary 120 meters in length, Mariya comes with amenities that seem to be straight from a James Bond movie. In the interior of this ultra modern vessel are five spacious lounge areas. With a yacht this big one is bound to bring a few friends on board and for that there are six VIP guest rooms with additional lounge areas. For a little activity and/or relaxation there’s an 11m pool on the deck at the rear of the boat and some smaller double Jacuzzis. In case you weren’t able to board the boat dockside and flew in via helicopter, Mariya has a helicopter garage that can also hold jet-skis, two limousines, and a submarine – yes, a submarine!

A Swedish company by the name of Strand Craft is also responsible for creating a deluxe concept yacht. At 122ft (37m) Strand Craft’s super yacht isn’t quite as imposing as Ingemansson’s designs, but the ‘SC 122’ is unique in its own right being the first yacht in history to come with a matching supercar. With an estimated value of $24 million, only six of these super yacht-supercars will be made. So what does this price tag get you? Powered by twin Rolls Royce engines the yacht contains four bedrooms, several crew cabins, 52-inch LED TV’s in every room, Bang and Olufsen sound throughout, and of course there is room to park your 57’ Testarossa and Corvette-inspired V12 with 880 horsepower supercar in your yacht’s garage.

The final super yacht in our Swedish flotilla is the RFF 135 by Royal Falcon Fleet. Built in a Swedish shipyard, funded by Swedish investors, and conceived by Porsche Design, the RFF 135 went from concept to reality. Capable of reaching speeds of up to 35 knots, the aerodynamic design appears to hover rather than float. Called the “spaceship of the sea” this futuristic catamaran has steered forward the evolution of mega yachts. The yacht accommodates 10 guests and 10 crew and contains a Presidential suite for the owner with a walk-in closet, a grand en-suite bathroom, an adjoining master lounge, and private deck. At a combined 700m sq. and four decks high, the yacht has an exterior upper deck with a Jacuzzi, bar, and sun lounge and is one of three deck levels for entertaining. And, as with all super yachts, the RF 135 can also boast a garage.

Kristi Robinson
Kristi is a freelance Designer and Fine Artist with a Masters degree in sustainable furniture design. She has worked on projects ranging from interiors, furniture design, to product design, and architectural illustrations. Kristi travels extensively and is also an accomplished athlete having cycled across Canada, competed in numerous marathons, and raced in Ironman Canada. Her most recent and biggest endeavor is becoming a first time Mom.