The Real Group in Vancouver

The Real Group and Quayside Voices

New West’s Quayside Voices to Host The Real Group on February 22, 2019

By Stephanie Lam


“I’m running through the door and I have about one hour before my next appointment,” says Stephanie Lam of Canadian vocal band Quayside Voices. “It’s been a long day at work, and after commuting I’m happy for the chance to be home … even if it’s just for a moment. First task? Dress change. I get into something more comfortable, maybe something I can move around in, then grab a snack and turn my brain off for 30 minutes. 7:00 p.m. and the alarm sounds – rehearsal time! As I pull up to the venue, I see my bandmates unloading and getting ready, unstacking chairs and plugging in our sound gear. In the corner our choreographer is reviewing her steps for today’s session. We rehearse our music – which is a mix of a cappella original and hit songs. 2 1/2 hours later we all head to our favourite nearby eatery to have dinner and catch-up on our day. This is a typical rehearsal day.” 





Oftentimes the band members find themselves asking: “Is this how it is for our idols – The Real Group in Sweden? How does this quintet not only survive, but thrive for 34 years, turning into a world-renowned pillar in the vocal band and jazz community?” 


After much hard work they’ll be getting the chance to find out for themselves as they prepare to bring these icons to New Westminster near Vancouver for an unforgettable evening of music. A dream come true!


One may wonder how Sweden’s top vocals in Stockholm make the connection to Canada’s New Westminster? Answer: the way most people meet these days – via the internet. It started with an innocent Instagram comment of come visit North America – Vancouver specifically! A few messages later, and Quayside was engaged in a genuine conversation about the possibilities. With the help of Ryan Holder, Choral Director at the University of Arizona, February 22, 2019 was secured for their show date.


“It’s going to be incredible. The Real Group is spending the morning giving a workshop with students at New Westminster Secondary School (NWSS), then taking the stage at night for an amazing show at the Massey Theatre” says Lam.


Once the band was confirmed, The Real Group’s Anders Edenroth said that they are particularly excited to return to Canada, citing the Lower Mainland as one of his favourite places in the world.


The concert promises to be an exciting showcase of vocal talent. It will kick off with NWSS’ vocal jazz choir, followed by Quayside Voices, then the main event – The Real Group.



Flying in from Sweden, New Westminster is the Real Group’s only Canadian stop on this North American tour. Visit for details. Don’t miss out on this amazing event!