The Prime Minister's speech

Credit: Anders Wiklund/TT

By Keith Foster

Photo: Prime Minister Stefan Löfven spoke to the nation. Credit: Anders Wiklund/TT


In his speech to the nation, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven stressed the need for everyone to take personal responsibility in the difficult times ahead. He said new measures could be announced at very short notice.

The Prime Minister said everyone will have to be mentally prepared. He said the near future would be tough for Swedish health, lives and jobs. More people will become sick, and more will have to bid a last farewell to a loved one. The only way to get through this, he said was to meet the crisis as one society, with everyone taking personal responsibility for themselves, for each other and for the country.

Stefan Löfven praised the authorities who were working day and night to combat the virus, and health care workers, teachers and others who were holding society together.

The Prime Minster said his government was doing everything in its power to cope with the crisis. He cautioned that it could go on for some time. He said in every lifetime a moment could arise that called for sacrifice and responsible behaviour. That moment, he said, has arrived. And he repeated that this message was for everyone.

Keith Foster