Nice Ice Baby: Swedish Indie Rock Band Invents Ice Record

Swedish indie rock band Shout Out Louds Blue Ice record

Ice is back with this brand new invention, that’s for sure. To launch its new single, “Blue Ice,” Swedish indie rock band, the Shout Out Louds, have invented something to listen about. The band has put together 10 ice record making kits for distribution among its fans. Each kit contains a bottle of water, a silicone mold and instructions on how to put the record together. Using distilled water that doesn’t create bubbles when it is frozen, the record plays the song just once before melting on your turntable. In today’s music industry, artists and bands must come up with interesting and unique marketing strategies and this one is definitely noteworthy. Not scientists themselves, the artists had to make their idea reality through a rigorous process of trial and error.

The Shout Out Louds have travelled with bands such as The Strokes and Kings of Leon and have even been featured on the hit show “How I Met Your Mother.” The lead singer in the band, Adam Olenius, says that, “We really liked it because it has such a strong connection, of course with the title but also almost like poetic how a song can just fade away or melt away. Especially when you get MP3s sent to you every day and it’s so easy to get hold of music, it’s nice you have to make it to hear it.” This new track is sure to attract a frenzy of attention, and not of the ice cold variety. To see the video on how these records are made and listen to the single “Blue Ice” from their upcoming album “Optica” to be released in February, visit: