In Loving Memory of Princess Lilian

Princess Lilian

Her Royal Highness Princess Lilian, Duchess of Halland passed away on March 10th at 97 years of age, after a love story of a lifetime. Born in 1915 in Swansea in south Wales, Lilian May Davies was a model, ballerina and singer in Britain. During World War II while working at a wireless factory for the British Navy, she met Swedish Prince Bertil at what some say was a cocktail party. The two quickly fell in love and in 1957, Lilian moved to Sweden. Due to the strict rules of the Swedish monarchy, the pair were not allowed to marry until 1976, at which point it was too late for them to bear children. Prince Bertil passed away in 1998 and Princess Lilian remained living in Sweden, having won the hearts of the Swedish public, until her passing.