Lobster safaris

Lobster safaris in Bohuslän

Fishing for black gold: lobster safaris in Bohuslän

Lobster safari in action. Photo: Fredrik Broman/imagebank.sweden.se

The coastline between Gothenburg and the Norwegian border is scattered with roughly 8,000 rocky islands and, according to the locals, it’s home to the world’s tastiest seafood – especially when it comes to lobster. Lobster season is therefore the time when many of the top-notch restaurants, both classic and avant-garde, highlight their menus with these irresistible delicacies. The much anticipated season starts on the first Monday after the 20th of September – this year it falls on Monday the 22nd – and continues until the end of April.

At 7am sharp on Monday the 22nd, the west coast’s waters will be full of eager fishermen and locals alike seeking the ‘black gold of the ocean’ from the depths of the deep waters. In West Sweden, the lobsters grow slowly in the cold and salty water, giving them a distinctive and succulent taste. Lobster fishing is an age-old tradition in Bohuslän. On lobster safaris, participants voyage through coastal waters with a skipper, helping to haul up and reset the pots of black gold. Afterwards, guests learn how to prepare, cook and eat this prized crustacean.

Lobster safaris are available at many places along the Bohuslän coast, each with their own slightly different approach. Everts Sjöbod in Grebbestad offer a unique lobster safari on their charming wooden vessel MS Tuffa. On board, you will also get to enjoy seaweed crisps and horseradish cheese snacks with warm coffee while you wait for the lobster fishing to start.

Sea Lodge in the village of Smögen also offers safaris that are followed by an ice-cold beer in a relaxing hot tub. Other fantastic lobster safaris are available at Hotell Smögens Hafvsbad in Smögen, Stora Hotellet Bryggan in Fjällbacka and there’s also a lobster fishing weekend available with Resö Gamla Skola in South Kosterhavet.

The Shellfish Season in Bohuslän offers numerous adventures – find more information on lobster safaris, as well as other shellfish adventures including oyster, mussel and crayfish tours, on www.vastsverige.com

Freshly caught lobster! Photo: Fredrik Broman/imagebank.sweden.se

Did you know?

• Lobsters can live for over fifty years

• Swedish lobsters (Homarus gammarus) are significantly smaller than their American cousins (Homarus americanus)

• Most lobsters have black shells, which turn red when cooked.

• Only lobsters with a carapax of at least 8cm should be caught.

• Swedish lobsters can be found along the coasts of the Skagerrak, Kattegatt and north Öresund, in relatively shallow waters (3-40m).