Innovate46 - Entrepreneurial & Innovation Summit

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Bringing the Swedish startup scene to New York on October 8, 2014

Innovate46 by SACC New York will be a high-level, full day event showcasing the most innovative ideas and brightest entrepreneurs from Sweden and the go-to place in the United States for anyone who wants to get in touch with the Swedish startup scene.

Innovate46 will showcase the latest and greatest startups from Sweden and the entrepreneurs that started them. The forum will be an excellent meeting platform for capital and ideas, giving Swedish companies the opportunity for a head start on the U.S. market.

One of the most notable ways in which Innovate46 will contribute to support Swedish startups is the newly instituted Anders Wall Entrepreneur of the Year Award, which will be presented to a Swedish Entrepreneur active in the United States.

To be considered for this prestigious Award, each applicant will be judged on these basic criteria:

  • Exceptional entrepreneurial capacity and ability to create and lead a successful business.
  • Registered and established with a proven technology or product already being sold in the U.S.
  • Possess a high probability to succeed in the United States.

Other areas of evaluation for applying entrepreneurs will also be whether their companies are sound and financially secure, as well as whether they are good ambassadors for Sweden. These last criteria challenge the jury to find an entrepreneur or a group of entrepreneurs that can truly benefit from both the honors and rewards of winning.

Five entrepreneurs and their companies have been nominated and will make an on-stage presentation to the jury at the day of the conference. After the presentations, the jury presents the winner.

The finalists that will make an on-stage presentation at Innovate46 are:


Marcus Anzengruber, Berner Setterwall


Ola de Freitas, Rikard Herlitz, Marcus Krüger


Sebastian Björkelid, Oskar Kalmaru, Martin Källström, Simon Pantzare, Björn Wesén


Kaj Drobin, Siavash Ghorbani, Birk Nilson, Carl Waldekranz


Erik Ekstrand, Peder Stubert, Jevgenij Tsoi, Gustaf Tunhammar, Christopher Wijkström


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