Hockey Health Benefits

Ice hockey benefits. Photo © Andrii Iurlov

By Birgitta Lauren


Hockey is a favorite game of the Swedes, but there’s more to this exciting game than the rough contact sport that meets the eye.

  • Fat burner: Hockey is a fast game, but it requires intervals of intense fast and slower paced energy which help burn a huge number of calories. Each player burns about 0.061 calories per pound, per minute.
  • Cardiovascular health: The energy and muscular strength required in hockey help in the development of cardiovascular system, supplying the muscles with oxygen. This boosts circulation and improves breathing and cellular activity.
  • Full body workout: All muscles get to play hockey. It develops the leg muscles, such as the hamstrings, calves and hip flexor muscles. It also aids in developing the endurance of triceps, forearms and shoulder muscles.
  • Enhanced muscular strength: The enhanced muscular strength reduces the risk of injury, improves bone strength, strengthens connective tissues and increases muscle mass. All of these contribute to a healthier, stronger body, less prone to injury with improved overall function.
  • Develops hand-eye coordination:  The spontaneous reactions of the game develop coordination abilities, hand-eye reflexes, balance and improved agility.
  • Team work: Playing with a team of 11 people develops a great sense of camaraderie as everyone works towards achieving goals and victory.
  • Improves communication: Hockey involves good quick decision making and the communication of messages through eyes and gestures. Effective communication during fast play, leads to success on the ice, and off.
  • Brain boost: Exercise itself improves your mood because by producing endorphins, reducing depression, stress and anxiety.
  • Confidence booster:With the large bulky gear hockey players wear, it makes for an imposing, competent and “don’t mess with me” aesthetic and attitude, which can help off the ice as well in regular life.


Photo by Andrii Iurlov