Glad National Dag!

Sweden National Day flag celebration

Dear current and future Swedish Press readers,  

From all of us at Swedish Press we would like to wish you a very happy and pleasant Swedish National day.  

The national day goes back all the way to June 6, 1523 and the election of King Gustav Vasa, as this is considered the foundation of modern Sweden. The tradition of actually celebrating this day was only started in 1916.  It still took another 90 years, until 2005 before June 6th became a national holiday.


At Swedish Press we would like to know how you celebrated your National Day 2014 wherever you may be. Kindly send us photos of your Swedish National day celebration and we will be pleased to post them on

On this day we would also like to take the opportunity to welcome the newly appointed Swedish ambassador to Canada – Per Sjögren – to his post in Ottawa. Välkommen!

From the Swedish Press Team

Claes Fredriksson
Claes Fredriksson is a visionary leader with extensive international experience and a solid track record in management, marketing, business development and sales. Fredriksson has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. Fredriksson was born in Sweden and lived many years in Asia and Europe before moving to Canada in 1997. In 2012, the Fredriksson's acquired Swedish Press.