Documentary by Swedish filmmaker to be shown on KCTS9 on November 10th

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Look out for the documentary 'Once Were Enemies', an hour-long documentary by Swedish director Eva Wunderman, which is due to air on KCTS9 on November 10th. The programme, which was shown on Swedish television over the summer, charts the return of US Tank Commander Lee Smith and Platoon Leader Bill Cumbaa to the island of Peleliu 60 years after their battle during WW II to meet their former enemies, Tsuchida Kiyokazu and Shinji Karasumaru. Now in their 80s, they relive this tragic time sharing secrets and personal stories.

Tatty Maclay
Tatty is a half-Swedish, half-English journalist, translator and mother of four. She grew up in London, but spent summers in the Stockholm archipelago. After five years in her husband’s homeland of Scotland, she recently moved her family to Sweden and she writes about their new life for Swedish Press.