DDoS of unprecedented scale 'stops Sweden working'. The target? A gaming site

Last week the broadband connection of almost the entire Swedish grid was affected by a DDoS attack on a mystery gaming site leaving customers of Telia, Sweden’s largest ISP, without fixed line broadband, digital TV, and VoIP connections for 45 minutes on Tuesday night and intermittently throughout the day on Wednesday.

Although DDoS attacks are common in the world of online business they don’t usually operate at a scale that affects the broadband of an entire country. Telia initially thought they were the target but a spokesperson said “it was an internet gaming company that was attacked and they sent us massive traffic which our DNS servers could not handle.” A statement released by Telia on Wednesday night indicated that the problem had been resolved and they were moving forward with investigating the source of the attack.

The group responsible for the attack was LizardSquad, according to Swedish News Bureau TT. Last week LizardSquad claimed responsibility for a Sony PlayStation network outage and a prior attack on Microsoft Xbox Live. In a Twitter update just after the attack the group claimed it had knocked gaming company Electronic Arts offline.

At an Ericsson event in Stockholm TeliaSonera's CEO Johan Dennelind said the DDoS attack left "Sweden not working"and stated that "We haven't seen an attack on that type of scale before.” Now that the network had been stabilized Telia is motivated to find out who was behind the attack.

Photo: news.yahoo.com