Breaking news: Löfven calls new general election

Stefan Löfven

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has just announced that the country will go to the polls once again on March 22, 2015, after the failure of the coalition government to pass its budget proposal. Sweden's third largest party, the Sweden Democrats, refused to support the budget, as it maintained the country's pro-immigration policies. Attempts to negotiate with the four centre-right parties of the Alliance failed, with Löfven stating he would rather resign than implement the opposition's budget if it was passed. "The government will campaign to seek re-election together with Greens and on the basis of the budget that just got defeated," he announced at a press conference this afternoon.


Tatty Maclay
Tatty is a half-Swedish, half-English journalist, translator and mother of four. She grew up in London, but spent summers in the Stockholm archipelago. After five years in her husband’s homeland of Scotland, she recently moved her family to Sweden and she writes about their new life for Swedish Press.