About us

As North America’s exclusive source for all things Swedish since 1929, Swedish Press is your window to Sweden. Available in both digital and print editions Swedish Press is published 10 times a year from its headquarters in Vancouver, BC. 

Swedish Press is available on a subscription basis and can be ordered online from this website. Swedish Press can also be purchased on a limited basis as a single copy in major book stores around North America. 
Our goal is to provide unique and insightful content in both English and Swedish. Our ambition is to grow our reader and subscriber base among the 4+ million Swedish descendants that exist in North America. Swedish Press also provides news and information on contemporary Sweden and follows the trends in music, art, design and more.

The Team:

Publisher – Claes Fredriksson
Editor – Peter Berlin
Art Director – Joan Law
Contributors on a regular basis:
Lara Andersson
Markus Andersson
Sthig Jonasson
Sofie Kinnefors
Birgitta Lauren
Kristi Robinson
Guest writers:
Swedish Press is fortunate to have guest writers for certain stories and they will generally be recognized with the story that they provide. If you would like to submit a story to Swedish Press, please mail it to info@SwedishPress.com.